As a collective we have decided that because of the various social and enviromental issues that are pressing in our community, we are not binding our collective's mission to any single issue.

We will respond to issues that the community is focused on or most effected by. As people are pushed more and more into a state of dissapointment with the systems the effect them, a broader resistance, with a broader capacity for action can take shape.


A major lesson learned from the Occupy movement that sprung out of NY in 2011, then spread to the world, was that the kind of change relative to our awareness of issues takes immense time and effort.

Rather than creating spectacles, we believe in a persistent resistance, focused on dealing with issues in our direct enviroment and within our realistic capacity, to cultivate a strong grassroots foundation of activism. 

Local and global

Injustice is widespread and easily identifiable, from predatory capitalism, to environmental neglect. 

This global awareness, although extremely important, can remove our perception from our direct environment.  We aim to ignite the urge to act locally and build community, along with networking with movements outside of our community.