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She stood for justice 

a poem by Joe Navarro

Her Last Breath for Justice


Heather Heyer

Had awakened believing

She would stand for justice

In Charlotteville, Virginia

Knowing in her heart

That white nationalist bigots

Were fundamentally detrimental

To this nation


John Brown must

Have whispered

Freedom thoughts

Into her dreams

Before this day

While justice overcame

Her fears of personal harm


Heather Heyer

Intended to hurt no one

Let alone being hurt

She must have wondered

If she had the courage

To stand up to

Racist violent fanatics


I wonder if

She was able to kiss

And embrace her mother's

Love during her last breath

For justice

As the Charger plowed

Into her


Did America see

A foolish idealistic

Young white woman, or

A freedom fighter

Who intended to live

To tell about her

Heroic stand in defense

Of peace, justice, democracy

And ending national oppression?


Love for humanity

Compassion and passion

Quest for justice

Anti-racism, anti-fascism


In an unintended heroic act

As the world watched

Leaving America to mourn

While celebrating the

Life and ideals of a human being

For social justice



--Joe Navarro

© Copyright 2017